When Two Souls Align, Magic Happens!

admin Real Proposal

REAL PROPOSAL: “❤❤ 2014, We were friends and accidentally alone at a happy hour downtown. As usual we would joke about your list, my list, the dating scene. We kept drinking and somehow agreed about how we really both wanted to be phenomenal spouse to someone and help that person accomplish all of their dreams.

We switched back to a brief moment of small talk but then one of us said we just want someone who “gets it“. To “get it” meaning that you don’t have to teach or explain to someone how to be valued and appreciated. To Get it meaning two people want the same things out of life.

So now today I said YES to you Edwin. Yes to knowing I’m happy when I make you happy, and you are happy when you make me happy. Yes to helping you conquer your dreams and bring joy to your world. Yes to trusting you with my forever. Yes to more days of being grateful for you as a provider. Yes to our roles that allow me to help you lead your business fearlessly and me to make our home comfortable place that you love. Yes to more days of supporting my practice and putting a flame to my ideas as if they are your own. Yes to talking through our hard times and remembering why we fell in love. Yes to God blessing me with a man who just “gets it“. You get me!

I love you Edwin Victor Alexander.”

What a great open letter. We just love, love!