Picture A Classic Italian Love Story

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“Was this even real life? Shane & Aleah flew all the way from Kansas to Lake Como, Italy to have me photograph them, and what I thought was an already amazing couples session turned into a surprise proposal ON TOP OF THEIR AIRBNB ROOF OVERLOOKING LAKE COMO AT SUNSET. SAY WHUT.

Here’s the story:

Becky (my British bestie turned assistant for this shoot) and I met these two cuties for wine first. All great sessions start over wine, am I right? Ironically when asking them questions about their love story I asked them, “You guys are dating right? You’re not engaged or married or anything?” 😂 We started the session off by wandering through Villa Capressi – think the most magical Italian botanical Garden with mountain & lake views aka A DREAM. Then we headed back to Shane & Aleah’s Airbnb to get some rooftop shots. As we were about to head up the stairs to the roof, Shane stopped me for a minute as Becky and Aleah went on up. He pulled out the box, and goes, “So I’m planning to propose to Aleah tonight, when should I do it?”

To say I was shook would be an understatement. I freaked out like a giddy teenage girl and told him the roof would be SO perfect. We got up to the roof (I fake went to the bathroom so it wouldn’t seem weird that we hadn’t immediately followed them up 😉), and I made them move the patio furniture so we could get this unreal view. Trying to keep it casual, I kept giving them prompts where they would always be facing each other – HELLO big fat box in jean pockets is kinda a dead giveaway. 😉

Then after a few moments of holding each other Shane pulled the ring out of his pocket and made Aleah the happiest girl in the world. She said yes! We celebrated with wine and roamed the streets of Varenna finishing their session while these two were so giddy in love excited.

Ironically, Becky got the whole thing on video because she was filming behind the scenes for me.

Congrats Shane + Aleah! I’m so honored I got to capture your proposal in basically the most beautiful place on earth. ❤️”

Special thanks to: Lindsey Roman Photography