From Mutual Friends To Friends Forever

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❤❤❤ “Ife and I met at a beauty & fitness centre last year. He was there to cut his hair while my elder sister took me there for a manicure treat. I doubt he knows this but before he noticed me, I noticed him. He came to the manicure area to talk to my nail technician & kept on staring at me. He claimed “I looked familiar” but I cut him off because I thought it was one of those cheesy pickup lines. It turned out we actually attended the same university and had mutual friends.

He asked for my number and I (hesitantly) gave him. That evening, after we spent time talking on the phones, I did some investigating and every single school mate and friend I asked about him had nothing but pleasant and positive things to say. That caught my attention. We went to the movies a few weeks after and then on a couple of other dates. On one of the dates, he gave me a pretty hat and asked if I could be his best friend! It was the sweetest, most genuine thing I’d ever experienced plus I could tell he wasn’t a Jollof boy. A few weeks after that, on children’s day he officially asked me out and I accepted.

Fast forward to our 1year anniversary this year. He told me he made reservations for us at a new spot. While we were 5mins away from the place, he got me blindfolded. My heart was thumping nervously at this point. The car pulled to a stop and I could hear Frank Sinatra’s I love you baby playing loudly outside (it’s our song).

He guided me outside and I kept asking him what was happening. He removed the blindfold and I saw cameras, petals, flowers, bubbles and a huge box. I wasn’t thinking ‘it’s a proposal’ despite the setting. He told me to open the box & when I did, there was a puppy inside!! I burst out in tears because I’ve always wanted a puppy.

That was just a teaser to the big reveal. We walked further and I saw three more puppies wearing shirts which read “please say yes!” and when I looked at him, he went on 1 knee and said a couple of emotional and beautiful things that I can’t fully remember because I was speechless.” ❤

Congrats beautiful couple @olabanke03 & @bairking💕💍