A Birthday Surprise Like No Other!

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Hello Sunshine ❤😍💍

The Proposal💎: Donovan had just gotten back from a 4 month deployment when he planned a trip to Napa Valley for my birthday. This was our first time being able to celebrate my birthday together since we started dating. We were also approaching our 2 year anniversary. To top it off he scheduled a hot air balloon ride while we would be there (something I had been telling him I wanted to do forever).

So, it was the morning of my birthday, April 1st. It was hella early that morning (if I remember correctly we had to wake up around 6AM), and I am not a morning person. Donovan however, is a morning person, so he seemed like his normal chipper self. All my friends had kinda put the idea in my mind that he would propose to me on my birthday or sometime during our trip, but again. I am NOT a morning person so that was the last thing on my mind. I remember him being really impatient during the ride to get to the hot air balloons, but this seemed normal because he has no patience what so ever SMH!!

We had paid for professional pictures, so when I saw him give his phone to one of the photographers I just assumed that he wanted his own pictures on his phone, so I stayed minding my business waiting on our turn to get on the hot air balloons when I felt him tap me on my shoulder.

I turned around and my best friend was down on one knee, ring in hand, asking me to marry him. The first thing that came out of my mouth was “ARE YOU SERIOUS?”, but immediately after that I said YES! .

Congrats to you and your fiance @stephstefani_ 💕💕