Sunset (via Instagram)

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“Every sunset brings the promise of a new dawn” – Ralph Waldo Emerson 💝👰 |📸: @suzannedelawar via @blackweddingmagic

A Return To Where It All Began

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REAL WEDDING | A few months after Celia and Terrell booked their vendors, they met their caterer at the same Cuban restaurant where the couple shared their first date together. “We ordered the same meal as before and asked our caterer if he could recreate it for our wedding,” Celia says of serving pollo moderno to hungry guests. 📸: @marietonyphoto

Picture A Classic Italian Love Story

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“Was this even real life? Shane & Aleah flew all the way from Kansas to Lake Como, Italy to have me photograph them, and what I thought was an already amazing couples session turned into a surprise proposal ON TOP OF THEIR AIRBNB ROOF OVERLOOKING LAKE COMO AT SUNSET. SAY WHUT. Here’s the story: Becky (my British bestie turned assistant …

When Two Souls Align, Magic Happens!

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REAL PROPOSAL: “❤❤ 2014, We were friends and accidentally alone at a happy hour downtown. As usual we would joke about your list, my list, the dating scene. We kept drinking and somehow agreed about how we really both wanted to be phenomenal spouse to someone and help that person accomplish all of their dreams. We switched back to a …

From Mutual Friends To Friends Forever

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❤❤❤ “Ife and I met at a beauty & fitness centre last year. He was there to cut his hair while my elder sister took me there for a manicure treat. I doubt he knows this but before he noticed me, I noticed him. He came to the manicure area to talk to my nail technician & kept on staring …

Toast To An Infinite Love

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REAL PROPOSAL “I can not put into words how incredibly happy we are! For 8 months I planned and considered how to ask the question of all questions, because I can not find any words for this woman … You can not imagine how overwhelming this moment was for me and us, I’ve never felt that way in my whole …

Proposal Surprise

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  REAL PROPOSAL :”My parents and I went to eat supper with her and her parents in my hometown, all while my sister was back at the house setting the bags in the proper positions, my best friend getting prepared to light fireworks (out in the cornfield with mosquitos and all kinds of wild creatures), and her brother determining where …